Why We Will Be Your Greatest Asset

EKommerce Website Design & SEO has the clients best interest at heart. Our goal is to provide effective solutions to market your business and products to as many new customers as possible. We specifically set up our products to target consumers that are looking for a product or service in your industry! All of our solutions are proven to be effective, and can only improve your company’s reach to new consumers.


Custom Website Design

Website design is our most acclaimed and most highly regarded service. Our specialty is designing websites for small businesses that focus on ease of use for both the business owner, as well as their current and newfound customers. We design a website from scratch using the best website design software on the market. All of our websites are built like a car. We start at a base price and it increases as you choose options that you’d like the website to contain. Each website has the ability to be as basic as it gets or as intuitive and specialized as you’d like. All websites are made with the end users in mind, and for that reason we encourage you, or your business partners, to be actively engaged in designing the website with us. Each website will be quoted free of charge.


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, otherwise known as SEO is one of the most powerful marketing tools for any business owner. Here’s how it works. 

SEO tactics can vary from search engine to search engine. The primary one that we focus on is Google. We attach external backlinks to your website, and integrate as many source types that you have to the backend of your website. This allows your website to be pushed up as highly as possible for any Google search relevant to your business. Last year alone, over TWO MILLION local searches have taken place in your area and 90% of the people searching for something seeked it out within 24 hours. SEO is the only online marketing tool that is able to gain your business organic traffic without having to pay an advertiser. MORE TRAFFIC = MORE SALES

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the most effective way to reach the untapped clients that you never knew you had in mass quantities. Social Media allows to sell your products and services to the new era of clients. Ecommerce stores, social figures, and small businesses thrive more and more because of social media marketing. It’s more than a platform to merely share the experiences of existing clients with their friends, family, and coworkers. It’s the ability to let your name become more prevalent than ever.

ECommerce Storefronts

ECommerce Storefronts are the best way to sell your products online. Selling your products on an ECommerce platform allows you to automate the selling process for your business with relative ease. With far less overhead costs in comparison to a brick-and-mortar stores, ECommerce stores are a great platfrom to bring your products to customers worldwide.   *We also offer a service to set you up with distributors for the products you’d like to sell (optional, at additional cost).

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